Mindful World Films

A dynamic media company with offices in Europe and Asia/Pacific and the creator of world class movies and photo exhibitions on the key issues facing humanity and our planet.

Our motto

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi

Our Mission is three-fold:


To spotlight matters of crucial importance to our planet


To help the world understand the causes and solutions of each issue


To galvanise individuals to take action – for action, not talk, is the only way forward for our planet



Marty Nicholls

Director, Strategy and Public Relations

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Peter Houston

Director, Filming and Production

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Sylvie Lebchek

Director, Photography and Marketing

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From Catastrophe to Health and Happiness

Recovery from physical and brain injury and alternatives to the pharmacological industry.

Sanctuary Mountain

A benchmark environmental project to save endangered species within a 50 km fenced forest.


Abuses in conventional psychiatry (working with the United Nations and Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights)

Ted Talks (the world’s premier speakers’ forum)

Conference film which will use six different film cameras

El Camino, The Way of St James

Europe’s most popular an ancient pilgrimage (now 250,000 participants from over 100 countries)

Game Changer

A programme that is giving digital education through tablets to thousands of poor school children


Great retreat centres of the world


Five great walks of the world

Children of India

Cross-cultural adaptation: why it’s important and why there’s not much of it in a world plagued by conflict, from terrorism to regional wars. The life stories of adults from a dozen countries are tracked from their entire childhoods in India through the rest of their lives lives transitioning to other cultures and value systems. Why did some transition, some become millionaires or ambassadors, others drug addicts?


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