Marty Nicholls

Director, Strategy and Public Relations

Marty founded Mindful World Productions after careers in merchant banking, entrepreneurship and development assistance, during which he managed some $3 billion in investment and advisory projects in over 40 countries around the world. Marty has three post-graduate degrees in business and economics and has studied in universities in the US, Japan, France, Australia, Chile, UK and New Zealand.

While Marty’s professional strengths are in business and policy advice, his real passion is in making films about important issues facing our world and in working with young people to help them become tomorrow’s leaders. He has pursued a love of photography for 30 years and his photograph of a crucifixion rite in the Philippines won the Top Trophy in an Asian photography competition.

Apart from Mindful World Productions, Marty is the founder and Director of the Timber Trail Centre, a non-profit training centre that works primarily with disadvantaged or disabled young people. For half of each year, he lives with his partner Sylvie Lebchek, in a 150 year old Church amongst 3 ha of organic orchards and gardens by a trout filled river, an hour from the ski-fields and volcanoes of New Zealand.

Marty’s personal interests include pottery, playing the classical piano, neuro-science and philanthropy (amongst other activities, he has worked in the slums of Calcutta with Mother Teresa and is now working on a programme to provide internet-linked tablets to school children in Africa and Asia).