Sylvie Lebchek

Director, Photography and Marketing

Sylvie Lebchek is the founder and director of “Sacred Nature”, a professional photography company, with clients around the world (

Sylvie has followed her passion for photography for 25 years, with photo shoots (so far!) in over two dozen countries – France, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Sri Lanka, India, Greece, China, Vanuatu, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, Dubai, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Greece and Spain.

With over 5000 photographs, Sylvie’s work has been show-cased in many publications, including National Geographic and in many venues from restaurants in the French Riviera to Getty Images (the world’s leading image agency). She also exhibits her work through Artquid, Red Bubble and other venues.

Her photo, “Children of Tahiti” was selected as one of the best 100 photographs out of 13,500 entrants from 160 countries, in New York’s International Photography Competition. Apart her professional focus on nature, Sylvie has photographed many other topics from yacht regattas in St Tropez and Cannes to Roman architecture to India’s holy cities to eco-festivals in New Zealand.

For Sylvie, photography is an art medium, a way of “painting with light”, rather than a technical exercise and she never retouches her photographs. She defines her professional vision as “to show the light in the heart of every living thing, translating this message of love from nature, as it is our best teacher”. Sylvie was bought up in Normandy but has been based for much of the past two decades in Australia, New Caledonia and now New Zealand. She now spends half of each year near Cannes in Provence, France and the other half amongst the volcanoes and wild rivers of New Zealand’s Central North Island.

Apart from photography, Sylvie has run her own organic business, worked in design companies and in sales and marketing.

Sylvie’s personal interests include yoga and meditation (which she has practiced for 35 years), painting, travel, natural health and complementary medicine.