Peter Houston

Director, Filming and Production

Peter has worked in the film and television industry for over four decades with many professionals from many countries – and that is his consuming passion. He’s never happier than when surrounded by producers, cameramen, staging/set construction specialists, lighting and sound geeks, wardrobe and make-up specialists, talent scouts – and all the wonderful people who make up the world of film.

Over the decades Peter has worked in various roles:

Always optimistic and ready with a joke – Peter’s heritage is Ireland, although he now lives in a beautiful region of NZ where much of the Lord of the Rings series was filmed by Peter Jackson and his team.

Peter’s extensive work experience includes:

Films, Documentaries and TV Drama/Series

Large Scale Entertainments


Festivals and Competitions

Training Videos and Promotional DVDs

Peter’s personal interests are as diverse as his experience in film. He’s a water colour painter, composer of electronic music and enjoys fantasy novels and martial arts.